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Your local garage in Haywards Heath providing air conditioning re-gassing and repairs

At Lavender Motors, in addition to your MOT testing and vehicle servicing, we also carry out car air conditioning servicing and repairs. Most modern cars contain an air conditioning system within their dashboard, yet most drivers won’t see it as a priority to get their air conditioning fixed when there is something wrong.

If your car air conditioning isn’t working as well as it normally does, it could mean that it needs to be re-gassed. At Lavender Motors, when you bring your car to us for your air conditioning service, we will check each component within the system.

Your air conditioning system is made up of a compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant as well as many other different parts, each of which can be subject to daily wear and tear. There can also be leaks or blockages anywhere within the system which will need locating. As part of our service at Lavender Motors, our team will remove all the gas within your system and then add a leak finder agent to a little gas and put it through the system. This identifies any leaks that might be present within your system.

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